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Building Community

I’m a New York City native who finally made her way to Austin, Texas over a decade ago, after living several years in Maine.  So, I’m well versed in New England winters and Southwest summers.  In my career journey I have been blessed to work in fashion, in nonprofit fundraising, advertising, trade shows, corporate events and business development.

A real highlight of my career was during my last season managing corporate events for South By Southwest. My amazing team of five successfully executed 75 events over nine days and somehow managed to come out alive.  I’ve come to learn that my passion is in managing the details and loving on people. 

In December 2019 Joy Happenings was launched with the vision of offering event production services for socially conscious businesses and organizations. For almost 14 years I've been blessed to support and create live, in-person events. But, then March 2020 happened and our whole world changed.  So the search began to find a way to translate my event planning, project management and team building skills into a new core business offer. I also really love supporting the growth of women-owned businesses, especially ones that are making a positive impact in their community and in our world. I'm thrilled to have found the role of Online Business Manager. It is an excellent marry of all the things I love to do.

Some fun facts about me, I’m a total BLERD (Black Nerd). I was a science major in college. I love sci-fi and fantasy (Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek oh yes!).  What brings me JOY is singing, group fitness, good, hearty belly laughs and serving in my community. Check me out in Episode 16 of Idle Musings of the Nerd Mind.

Joy Scott, Online Business Manager (OBM)

Personality/Strengths Assessments:

Myers Briggs: ENFJ
CliftonStrengths Top 5: Positivity, Restorative, Developer, Learner, Responsibility

(Primary Domains Relationship Building and Executing)
4 Tendencies: Obliger
Kolbe Assessment: Fact Finder (7), Follow Thru (9), Quick Start (2), Implementor (3) 
Enneagram: 6

Headshot certified OBM.jpg

Changing the World

Since 2011, Joy has been proud to serve on the Leadership Team for Austin's Chapter of Women of Vision. Women of Vision is a faith-based grassroots non-profit under the umbrella of World Vision. It is a partnership of women who are called to give their time, compassion, intellect, creativity and finances to meet the needs of impoverished women and children around the world. 

Over the past ten years our chapter has raised over $260,000 in support of global humanitarian programs in Kenya, Bangladesh, Syria and Honduras as well as local programs in Austin, Texas. 

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