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Uplifting Spirits

"Joy is one of the most incredible people I've ever met, When working with her, I know she's got it all handled. So, I can rest easy. Diligent, makes people feel comfortable, vicious attention to detail, reliable and hard working. She's not only a solid person - she's truly full of joy!"


Anetta H. Paver, Owner

Enchantment Events

"I love Joy's attention to detail and honestly, she really helps paint a bigger picture for the project. It's like she speaks "experience" fluently.  She came in and tackled each project and made my job easier. I didn't have to worry about things falling through the cracks. I will definitely need her for future projects and ventures."

Bonnie Skulark, Owner

Pink Cookies & Cream Skincare

"Joy Scott is one of my favorite people to work with, especially on complex projects...she makes everything look so easy. 


She is extremely skilled and efficient in organizing, coordinating, and communicating with a range of professionals. She gets all of the details and knows how to anticipate any type of issue that arises. 


And, she does it all with a smile. Her joyful personality shines so brightly that it ripples from co-workers, clients and participants we served. 


There is no one better at working with at any time on any project! 


I'm a proud Joy Super Fan!"

Sharon Herrick, Owner/Designer

Illuminated Me Jewelry

again 3.jpg

"What I enjoy most about working with Joy…

Is her consistent energy, positivity, and ability to encourage everyone around her to have fun while working hard!  It doesn’t matter how stressful the task, lack of direction given, or time in which to complete a project, Joy always manages to deliver!


Joy made an immediate impact on our business with her knowledge/expertise. 

She embraced, then adapted the corporate culture, quickly became a trusted resource to our C-suite execs, internal and external customers (sales team, co-workers, and vendors).

Without question, Joy is my absolute FAVORITE person to work with – she is a complete package; super smart, driven, fun, and full of energy!  A great addition to any team!"

Latonia Booth, Owner/Producer 

World Class Events

kemi round bigger.jpg

"Joy is all of the things - intuitive, fast learner, self-starter, with impeccable efficiency and quality to her work.


She is the reason I hit my $10K challenge and could smoothly execute the retreat I sold and the $12K upsell that came out of it."

Kemi Doll, MD, M.C.S.R.,

Academic Coach
KD Coach LLC 

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